Lazy Sunday

(((((((((((good morning love)))))))))) hav a lovely you tonsssss...:

I’ve been watching Hallmark movies ALL DAY…and in between commercials, I managed to do all the laundry.  This week the kids are on Spring Break, one of the things I really dislike about Mississippi…I mean is too early in the year to do anything.  Like planning a short trip to the beach is not a good idea, the ocean is going to be too cold.  Maybe next year we bite the bullet and plan a Spring Break vacay in Florida…we’ll see!

So, all the Hallmark movies today are about relationships, which make me appreciate the fact that I have a husband even more.  I don’t think I could learn to compromise with anyone else.  After all, relationships are all about communication, commitment and compromise.  At my age, if my relationship with my lovely husband was to go sour, I will, MOST definitely stay on my own.  I am not saying I will rule man out of my life all together…but what is wrong with being by yourself.  Well, that is the way I think right now, because like I mentioned before, I am happily married…so who know what would actually happen if that was to ever happen…crossing my fingers it does not!

All this down time got my mind going in all sorts of directions.  There are so many things I need to do in the house, with my self…so many things.  I need to organize the garage, we only have one open area to park my Equinox.  The remaining space is a disorganized chaos.  I do not have the excuse, “we just moved in” anymore.  I need to organize everywhere, cabinets, laundry, my closet, JJ’s closet…really…all work and no fun.  One day I will get it done! I guess I should embrace myself for the SPRING CLEANING…coming soon!  Not today…that’s for sure.

Getting in better shape….I mean I start something and then I stop.  I have all the equipment in the world to workout at home…but I need to get up my butt ASAP.  The hubby has been losing some weight…slowly…but today I actually believe that he is serious about it.  So, why not jump into that and do it together.  I am bad at cooking delicious, unhealthy food.  I think I need to cut down on the starches and carbs and incorporate more veggies.  I promise I will try to cook better…for him…I want to help him accomplish his goal.

My car, OH LORD, I need to clean the interior of my car…seriously!!!! It’s a matter of grabbing a trash bag and trash all the crap that I have inside my vehicle.  I mean if it’s been in the car…for all the winter…chances are…I do not need it…so toss it!  Cleaning 101…lol!

I did do a little social media, got an AVON Giveaway going…so I am excited about that.  Did my usual twitter and also started following some new bloggers.  I believe in supporting people when the start new adventures.  I also commented in a couple of blogs that I found quite interesting today.

That was my Sunday…cannot complain much…but in reality I could had done more than laundry today.  At least the kids will be home all week so there is no need of getting up extra early in the morning…no need to stress about cooking them breakfast…just a matter of taking care of my in the morning then head to work.

I hope your weekend was good, I hope your week brings lots of happiness and satisfaction into your life.

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