Last Week…South Carolina

As I sit here, in the middle of the night, I can appreciate the beauty of silence.  Troubled minds can feed from silence; it allows an empty space to come to term with the things affecting your psyche.  With this move, a move that was not planed, a lot of hidden emotions came to surface.  Logically, the decision was made, and the decision factor was the family…the “What is best for the kids?”

As a woman, a mother, a wife, and a friend…I am experiencing various emotions.  The positive emotions are more than welcome, the more positive I feel, and the further away I pushed the negative thoughts.  After all, I am moving with my family…not away from it.

Today was a bit overwhelming.  I am very thankful that my friend/sister Alma stayed with me, pretty much all day.  Allowing, total strangers, to enter your home, to go through your belongings is something that makes you feel, to certain degree, violated.  They were nice people, and they were digging through our stuff, the good, the bad and the ugly!  I decided to sit in the front porch, away from everything, and that made the day go by a little bit faster.

When the children arrived home, from school, they came into a world full of boxes.  It was like a labyrinth. They laughed and giggled and they made the best of it.  After the movers were gone for the day, I invited the kids to dinner.  We had a great time at San Jose in Elgin.  It was a dinner filled with laughter and giggles.  Again, I have the best kids in the world…I must be doing something right…all my sacrifices and though decisions…have paid off.

After San Jose, my friend came back home, with her husband, to carry away some large items I was getting rid of.  Then we had to deal with the difficult task of saying goodbye to one of my daughter’s best friend.

Taryn, Oh Lord Taryn…Taryn and Janie became friends when they were in kindergarten.  The girls have very different personalities, but man, they love each other so, so much!  Janie knew that saying goodbye to Taryn was going to be one of the hardest goodbyes. We arrived at Taryn’s house, and we found her seating in her front porch, clearly sad…

I told Janie to take all the time she wanted, that we would wait for her.  As soon as Janie opened the door Taryn rushed towards her and embrace Janie in a hug.  Both girls were holding each other so tight, they were sobbing so loud.  As a mother, you do not want to see your children cry, you do not want to see them suffer.  They laughed, giggled, and cry again…then Janie went inside the home to say goodbye to Taryn’s mom.  If you want to know the definition of “friendship”…you must meet Janie and Taryn.  There is nothing in this world big enough to tear them apart.  These girls will be friends for life!

After that hard time, I treated the children to some Starbucks, and then Janie went to Book’s A Million and got herself a new book.  We drove home, the kids played with the cats, and I kept cleaning and throwing things away.  Hours passed and I noticed that things got quite…I walked towards the children’s bedroom and there they were…half was asleep.  My innocent children, it’s amazing how they can bounce back from difficulties.  I am so proud of both of them…again, when in doubt all I have to do is look at my Janie and JJ…and then I know…I did the right thing…even if it hurts, even if I thought I was wrong…I did something right.

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