Last minute notice…

Dear Son... this is a great idea, and a very sweet notion, but the writer uses 2 words I was shocked to see and almost stopped reading because of the first. And it was shared by a pinner with Christian in their name. .. for the most part it's great though:

This morning I was dropping the kids off at the curb and JJ’s bus was a little later than usual, so I had some alone time to talk to my boy.  I was reminding him that after work I will pick him up to take him to get his haircut.  I also mentioned to him that we need to start working on his study guide for Social Studies. He nodded his head.

I look at the other kids waiting for the bus and I see a girl holding a poster board. I asked JJ, “How come you never have to do anything on poster boards?” He grinned…and replied…well, we have to this weekend. I said, What do you mean? He started explaining that he has a project due this coming Monday. Something about animals and plants adaptations. So, there I sat, thinking to myself….When was he planning on telling me that? or Was he even planning on telling me?

Then he comes back with, of by the way, I do have the social studies study guide and its due on Tuesday. Those study guides are like 4-5 pages long!!! I look at him…and I have no words. All I could do was tell him…OK, we have our weekend already plan.

He doesn’t think ahead…so we have two days of baseball and school work. That will be my weekend. Those are the things my JJ does that aggravate the crap out my daughter and husband. Is like why does he wait for the last minute to do everything? I stop questioning that a very long time ago. With his ADD, I know is super difficult for him to stay on task and to even remember things. That is why I am constantly asking him about school…something’s he remember, something’s he do not…I am OK with that! I refuse to make my son feel bad about a condition he was born with.

I love him and I will assist him for as long as I am alive. I have seen improvement! If I can help him get comfortable enough to function in this world to the best of his abilities, it will be success and that is all that matters. I rather rush and lose a weekend, than fill him up with medication that have plenty of side effects, I rather have my happy-go lucky, carefree JJ.

Have I mention how much I love my children? I am totally crazy about them 🙂

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