My New Boots!!! So Excited!!!

JcPenney is rocking a great sale!!! I got this beautiful boots, after a 40% off, for $60!!! Say What??? Yes, only $60.00!!! 

I know, you are probably thinking what is the big deal. Well, I have gorgeous (so, I’ve been told) BIG legs and I can’t never find boots, at the stores, that would fit me. So, I walked into JcPenney today, just to browse around, and to my surprised…they were having a boots sale. I decided to take a look, just for the heck of it, and I found a pair that fits perfectly.  

So, for the first time in like forever, I will be rocking some awesome boots with my sassy skirts to work 🙂

They also had some beautiful ankle boots and some mid-calf.  So, take advantage of the sweet sale and get you a new pair 🙂




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