It’s Official….

I no longer work at DSS!!!  I am celebrating, I know it sounds cliche…but I feel like I can breath, I can be myself again.  I can say, that working in a place that you do not love, brings you 100% down!  It not only affects you, but it takes a toll in your family.  This morning my son was celebrating that his mother does not have to work in that miserable place anymore.  Now, don’t get it twisted…working at DSS, the actual work, is a labor of love.  Sadly, the government has not figure out the right formula to make the agency work properly for the children and vulnerable adults.

Today, I took the kids to school, came back home, check social media a little…and plain and simple I went back to sleep.  I am now, well-rested, and like I said before I can feel happy go-lucky me coming back. 

Now the task is not to get overwhelmed with the stay-at-home thing.  I am not a woman that is OK staying at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my house, I cook and I clean….but I need the socialization you only get at the work place.  As soon as I get an address in Mississippi, I will start applying for jobs, even if is just a part-time job, something were I can mingle with people.

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