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It’s been a while since I last wrote anything on my blog.  Today I sit here wondering how things can be so plentiful for some and how others have nothing.

My husband was in Mississippi for three weeks.  The kids and I had the opportunity to go there this past weekend.  At first I love the open fields, all the farm land, the quietness.  Then as hours passed by…I began to wonder…Where are the children? You see, I spent three days in the area and I can count with one hand the children I saw that were close to my kids age.

Then I started paying more attention…everyone there (well, almost everyone) was older than me. It seems that as soon as the children reach adulthood they leave.

Then I looked deeper….what choices did they have? I asked myself.  Well, we were in a town named Clarksdale.  I do not want to be disrespectful, but for me it was more like a ghost town.  There was nothing! I mean…literally nothing. Just empty buildings.  One of two run down stores.  I hardly saw any Christmas decorations, no mall, no bowling alley, no restaurants…I realized how sad that made me!  Just to think that other neighboring states have more than they need, yet this state has nothing…it made me so mad!!!!

What kind of world we live in that the lines are drawn so dark?  Why companies don’t look at the possibilities of investing in a place like Clarksdale? Why do we only care about helping those that, in reality, do not need help? Why is the world the way it is?

I felt very sad during my stay in Mississippi.  Just because of the sadness I felt, I can firmly say, it is a place that I wish I never go back. I felt so helpless, so scared, so wrong….

I feel bad for those who are there that don’t know anything else but the place. Those that have no idea that things can be better. Those who grew up with nothing and don’t even try to make it better for themselves, because that is all they know. That is their normal.  It was a sad experience…that made me realized how lucky and blessed I am.

I just wanted to share this with ya’ll because it impacted me…not in the best way…but it did!!!

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