It’s all a state of mind


Is the simple things in life what makes someone smile; a phone call, a smile, or a simple hello.  Often times we bury ourselves in the sorrow of a miserable day.  We focus on the negative of things.  Sometimes, we have to look around what is surrounding us, and find that one small thing that will bring a smile to our faces, sort of re-charging batteries.

My last two weeks have been, sort of annoying.  My mind like to play tricks on me…the “What if’s” of life always hijack my head.  Seeing people you care about hurting also brings you down. The marathons I have to drive to work, son’s sports events, and the keeping up with the house…also contribute to the “not so happy times”.

But, I am blessed beyond belief. I have people who really love me…and I know so. Knowing that you are love is a beautiful thing. I love to laugh, I make my own opportunities to laugh.  I will laugh with you, alone, at you, I just laugh…laughter is the best exercise for the heart.

Repinned by Bonnie Bennett; photo by Grace Robertson

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