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Well, now that my children are teenagers, my hubby and I can actually have time for ourselves.  I was not much of a party girl after becoming a wife and I mom, but, I decided it was time to begin living again.  Today, as our first-born was roller skating with her besties, we decided to have a date night.  We chose Mexican, we both love Mexican food, so we found our little spot in Hernando, Mississippi.  The name of the restaurant is “Mi Pueblo”, is small, always crowded and the staff is amazing!!! They are all bilingual, they like to engage the customers, they are super nice, we love the place.



I order, something call Mojacalte (or something like that).  I had no idea of what type of dish it was, all I knew is that I liked all the ingredients.  So, here comes the waitress with my Mango Margarita, which was awesome, and later on with our food.  I was like, WHAT!!!  It was this HUGE bowl…with 4-types of meat, 2 different cuts of steak, shrimp, and chicken, obviously with the peppers, and tomatoes, and this awesome sauce. It was delicious and a LOT.  So, needless to say I did not eat the whole thing (my son got lucky and he ended up eating the left-overs).  It was a good outing with my husband.12829009_961536317255639_6360623835572303621_o 

My husband is an awesome guy, totally opposite of me, as to where I am very social, outspoken and happy…he is quiet, serious and a thinker.  I told him that I like when he is a bit more relax, when he is having fun, because it makes me smile big and want to have more fun!  He was a little more serious than usual, I know he worries about some health issues I have, I told him bot to worry about me, to just go with the flow and to see what happens without fearing for the worst.

It was a Great couple of hours, just the two of us.  We plan on hitting the casinos this upcoming Saturday for an adult only night out with some friends. I am super excited about that!!! So stay tuned so I can tell you how that goes…

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