It was a baseball kind of weekend


.This is so very true....2014 West Texas All Stars..18u...hit the winning run into break the tie to keep us in the tournament:

What a weekend!!! It was baseball, baseball, and more baseball. The sun was beaming, it was a very hot weekend in Tennessee. Nonetheless, baseball was happening at a very fast pace.  We played our first game Friday at 8PM, and we won.  Saturday we started our game at 4PM, and that was also another win.  Sunday, our first game was scheduled for 12…but we did not start playing till 1:30 or so…we knew then, it was going to be a long day!

We played the first game on Sunday, and we played against 6-7 of the players JJ played with when we moved to Mississippi.  It was so nice to see all those players shout my boy’s name. It made him smile BIG.  All those kids knew JJ very well, and they seemed genuinely happy to see him again. We won that game, again it was a comfortable win.

Then the second game, on Sunday, we were the favorites…well, the other team had a heart of gold, and they wanted that win very badly. They played hard! We had a couple of hiccups, but we came out with the win.

So, we played for the championship game, against a team that only allowed 2 runs the entire tournament.  We knew it was going to be a battle.  Our time came up short, and the only run scored was thanks to JJ’s RBI.  I was pleased as a mom, those kids played their hearts out. I have never seen my boy play with the intensity he played this past weekend.  Is almost like all the stars aligned, something snap on him, or perhaps that he played third base, the position he played when he started baseball many, many years ago. He is a natural third baseman…and it’s been years since a coach recognized that.  This weekend it showed, in a big kind of way!

I am proud of all the kids, the coach and the families of the 14U Mississippi Royals. Here are a couple of pictures:

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