Investing in the one

It's tiring giving your energy, love, and time to people who do not return them back.:

Investing in relationships, in that significant other who will go through life with you, with all the good, the bad and the ugly… It’s a gamble! Well, I won the lottery, my honey is so good to me, I don’t deserve him!

I am a good person, a good wife, a great mom, but I am nothing compare to the man I have. When you have someone as invested in you as you are invested in him, that bond is unbreakable. Happy go lucky me, loving my life, with its ups and downs, and all the good, the bad and the ugly…we keep pushing forward.

I do believe that we receive what we put in. If you work hard at things from the beginning, respect each other’s individuality and space, things will work out. If you are too needy, and want to be stuck to each other every single second of any given day, you are doom, it will fail!!!!  You have to be grown up enough to trust that things will happen if they are meant to be. I have never hover over my husband, never being jealous, always respect his space, and he learned to respect mine.

We are far from perfect, but what we have going on, is working for us!!! It’s been a life with some heartaches and lots of happy moments, the key is wanting it…and we both want it! Loving my husband and loving life!!!

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