Imprinted Friendship

These 32 #Friendship #Quotes Will Remind You Why Loved Ones Are Most Important

This life adventure has taken me to many, many places.  Started in my native Puerto Rico, then from there, Dallas, TX, Ft. Sill, OK, San Antonio, TX. Ft. Myer, VA, Cramerton, NC, Belmont, NC, Lugoff, SC, Elgin, SC and now Nesbit, MS. I would not trade any of the moves…what I wish I could do is collect the friends I left behind and have dinner and drinks in a cool place remembering how great our friendship was at the time.

I stay in touch with my friends, but absence has the potential to strain a friendship. The good think about me and my friends, is that no matter how time has passed by, we pick up where he left of.  Once we are reunited is like time stayed still…we go back to our conversations and giggles. I love my friends, I treasured them, and I am OK not seeing them every day. Because no matter what, I know they will always be there for me,

That is not to be said for everybody, I am talking about my special friends.  The ones I would do anything for, the ones that will also have my back, the ones that care about me juts like I care about them…those are the special friends.

Some people struggle understanding friendships, with those people I don’t even bother to acknowledge them nor do I care what they think. Their venom does not affect me, they, plain and simple are not important…I can tell them to fuck off…but why waste my time!

I need to live surrounded by positive people, people who see the good in others. People that can tell you a lot with a simple smile or a hug…those are the people who I need in my life. Because, just like me, they do understand the importance of a friendship, the bond, and the memories created with those friends will last forever. No one, no one can break that friendship…there was a spark…and that spark sealed the deal. Friends for life, best feeling in the world.

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