I’m digging it!


I am digging it today! The morning is cool, on the cloudy side, perhaps a few showers…all good for my garden.

I am also digging Max Scherzer’s 20-strikeout night!!! What an accomplishment…a dream come true for that baseball player.

I am also digging the John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s relationship. So open, so much love, they are the cutest couple and now they get to enjoy their little bundle of love.

I am also digging the cell phone basket. I mean really how many of us sit at the table to have dinner as a family and all of a sudden all family members are playing with their phones? It doesn’t happen often in my house but it happens. So, I saw, on TV, a family that provides a basket for all family and guests having dinner…the table is a phone free zone…and I loved the idea!!!

I am digging the calm, the peace that comes into my life every morning after the kids go to school and J goes to work. A couple of minutes where I sit in my living room…silence…I love and crave that silence…just a couple of minutes can make a difference in your life…is like recharging your inner batteries.

What are you digging today?

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