If I could do it all over again…

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If I could do it all over again I…

  1. Would’ve stay in the ARMY for 20 years.
  2. Would’ve wait to have my second child, to allow time for my first-born to enjoy babyhood.
  3. Would’ve keep my mouth shut in many occasions.
  4. Would’ve stay in South Carolina.
  5. Would’ve tell my father ‘I love you” more often.

If I could go back in time…

  1. I would go back to 1999, the year I left my island
  2. I would go back to 2003, the last time I saw my father alive.
  3. I would go back to 2012, a special year for me.
  4. I would go back to 2015, the day I said goodbye to SC.

If I could take it back…

  1. I would take back all those mean words I said to my parents.
  2. I would take back all those tears I shed for the ones that did not love me the right way.
  3. I would take back all those unnecessary fights.
  4. I would take back the images of my father’s illness.
  5. I would take back the pain from my mother’s eyes when she lost her love.

If I could hug someone right now…

  1. I would hug a stranger.
  2. I would hug my loved ones.
  3. I would hug my lovely friends.
  4. I would hug my children forever and ever…without ever letting go.

If I could write this blog again…

  1. I would not change a thing…..

If we allow our minds to live with the What If’s of life…what kind of life would we be living? Sadly, there will always be the “What if’s”…Learn to live with it!

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