Ice Bucket Challenge…I was challenged by a friend and I accepted the challenge. Before the challenge I took 5 minutes, out of my day, to donate some cash to the ALS Association.

You see, often times we forget how bless we are. I have never met anyone suffering from the disease, other than HULK- 🙂 . That does not mean that, in the future, it could affect a family member or a friend. I did not make a huge donation, the limit is $5 and you can donate as much as you want. Every dollar counts…take the challenge and pass it on to others…Why not?

So, I rushed home from work, and I changed clothes very quick…and asked my son to help me. He was excited about it! So, I nominated people that, I know, did not expect to be nominated by me. Then it was time for the ice water.

Of course I care about how I look, and having some extra weight, makes you self-conscious….but my friend…when that water hits…you are in total shock…that water is COLD…so yes, the video show my imperfections…but I did not care…I care about being part of those who take a risk to make a difference.

Anyways…I took the challenge, made a donation and had some fun with my kiddo.  The picture reflects my face after the ice bucket challenge.

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