I was thinking about you…a lot…today

Last night hubby was watching TV in the living room, while I was watching TV in the bedroom, (feeling sick, so I am trying to stay away).  I walked into the living room, on my way to get some water, and I grabbed his hands.  All of the sudden he said, “I was thinking about you, a lot, today”. I asked him what about. He explained that he has been worried about my state of mind, whether I like our new house, if I am happy.  I told him that I was happy, that I love our house, and that my worries have only to do with the fact that I rather work than sit at home every day.

It is the truth; I do not have to work, because he can afford to pay all the bills and still cover JJ’s baseball. However, I like to contribute to the household, and I like to go shopping when I feel like it, without having to worry about whose money I am spending.

Is it abnormal to want to work? I mean, I cannot comprehend how people stay home all day long.  After my last job, I needed a break, but that break is long over.  I am ready to go back to work.  The problem is…finding a job.  I am not looking for a lot of money, what I am looking for is an 8-5 schedule.  Here, in Southaven, MS –very close to Memphis, TN- the available jobs have rotating shifts.  I can’t rotate shifts because I have to be able to take JJ to his baseball practices and stuff.

I applied to a couple of jobs, interviewed for two –have yet to hear from those two I interviewed for-but I have not been full-time looking for employment.  I am 40, and I get discourage…I think about, if I was hiring, I would hire someone fresh, a young person, not someone like me…then I realize, well, I am a hell of a worker…so I keep looking for jobs.  Something will happen…when the time is right!  In the meantime, I will continue to be the best housewife (for the 1st time ever) and enjoy my free time to visit the gym.

My husband is the best husband a gal could ever have.  He is compassionate, hard-working, supportive, loving and a great dad.  I could not have asked for a better partner.  I am blessed beyond belief…he rocks!

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