I think it’s time…GRE

How to Study for the GRE:


Strongly believe that is that time in my life to pursue a higher education.  My passion for children is pushing me to confront my fear of taking the GRE TEST. So, here I am shopping for the GRE Study Guide.

Still not certain which Masters Program I want to pursue. I have a couple of options:


Social Work


They all have pros and cons. I want to be able to work with children and young adults. I want to be able to comfort them and provide them different outlets when they are troubled.

I did find some tips from Courtney Em (link is shared above) that provided me with, at least, an idea of what to expect. I am nervous and excited…

So, first step is taking the GRE, then select the Master’s program, then select the university and finally get into debt (BIG TIME). So…that is the nest GOAL I have set for myself.  I will keep you all posted!!!

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