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My personal opinion 🙂

I tell you one thing, I am not giving up by any means…however…it’s very difficult to get people to give you opportunities, when, some people do not “follow” your blog.  Obviously all of us, bloggers, have been in the same spot, trying really hard to write about topics that interest others, trying to gain an audience.

If we as bloggers support one and other, this adventure could be more interesting for all.  At the end of the day, we want the same thing, to share ideas, make some cash, review products, and more times than not…we want to vent!  So, how about we start following more bloggers!!! Not only because of the giveaways, but for what they contribute to the writing world.

I love to follow bloggers that share what they do on a daily basis, bloggers that review new products on the market, the ones who are struggling and need someone to listen and care, bloggers who sell their products, and bloggers that keep it down to earth.

I write about my day life, about the people that mean the most to me, my family.  I am very interested in various social topics too. However, I decided to write about my daily life, to keep the posts friendly.  I like sharing my happy moments with the world. It’s a way of relaxation for me.  I smile every time I finish writing something about my kids or my family craziness.

I hope this post is not offensive to anyone out there…I am trying to get better at this…as always please let me know if there is anything I could do to make my blog more interesting.




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