As a Latin Mama living in the South I often search for ways to continue passing on my Latin heritage. 聽I love to cook, I prefer mixing my Latin dishes with Southern dishes, it makes a nice meal 馃檪

So, today I decided to share with you, some of the products I use in my kitchen. 聽I love GOYA, they have a variety of products often found in the Latin section of your grocery store. 聽GOYA also have a nice website where recipes are shared and coupons are available at all times. 聽Here is a list of my favorite products:

Saz贸n Goya

Saz贸n Goya

Inside this box you’ll find the secret to creating the authentic flavors of Latino cuisine. Goya Saz贸n鈥檚 special blend of seasonings makes every dish it graces taste truly exceptional. Just one packet makes a world of difference. For those watching their sodium intake, try Saz贸n Natural & Complete for the same great Saz贸n flavor and only a fraction of the salt.

Sazon Goya is a great product to add to anything you stew. 聽I add it to my beef stew, chicken stew, beans and rice. 聽It adds a nice color and it carries that Latin flavor we all love.聽




To make all your dishes taste their very best, make sure you shake on Goya Adobo before cooking. Adobo’s perfect blend of garlic, oregano and other Latino spices is the perfect seasoning for all your meat, poultry and fish dishes. A simple shake is all it takes.

Adobo is a seasoning, you can use it to marinate meats, you can season fries, is perfect for plantains.


Marinades & Cooking Ingredients

Marinades and Sofrito

Add flavor to your favorite recipes with Goya’s large variety of marinades and cooking ingredients.

Marinades and Sofrito is a staple in Latin homes. 聽I marinate my chicken and my pork chops in the Mojo Criollo overnight, it helps tenderized the meat and it adds tons of flavors. 聽Sofrito is added to stews and any dish that carries a tomato base liquid.聽



Now you can make your own turnovers without the effort of making perfect dough; ours are already set to go for you. Fill them with meat, chicken, tuna, vegetables or seafood, even take a disco Goya and fill it with your special secret recipe. Then, bake or fry to create a crispy, golden brown traditional Latin empanadilla!

Discos are perfect for meat turnovers, you can pretty much stuffed them with your favorite cook meat, then fried it until golden brown and enjoy! 聽I like to make cheese dogs, pretty simple recipe get a slice of American cheese, a hotdog, and roll them inside a Disco, pinch the ends with a fork, fry…and I promise you the children love them!

Those are four of my Goya favorite ingredients. 聽Please keep in mind that the pictures and the bold description was obtained fromhttp://www.goya.com/the comments in blue are my own personal opinion. 聽I was not compensated in any way to write about GOYA all the opinions are my own.

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