I have to brag a little

My beautiful daughter, once again was exempt from taking her final exams. She has been working so hard towards the all A’s club, and so far so good.

She is a thinker, very curious about real issues affecting our Nation, very outspoken about human rights and equality, very stubborn and a very loyal friend. She is a typical teenager, with those rebellious moments, loving moments, and mama and daddy moments.

She makes us proud, she make us question our parenthood, she test us to the max…but we know she loves us…we know she has some regrets about things that happened in the past. We know she is working towards becoming a better young lady.

Soon, she and I will taking a short trip to Puerto Rico, and I am so looking forward to that. Now that she is older, she can hang out with mama and some of mama’s friends, and I think that is super cool. Cannot wait to get on that airplane with you sweet kid. Mama loves you to the moon and back infinitive.


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