I call him mine…for now



Nothing like ending my day at my son’s baseball practice.  I love to watch him, in silence, absorbing all he does.  He has grown so much, not only physically but mentally as well.  To watch him take constructive criticism and adjust things to make him a better player…priceless.


To see him walking towards me, when our eyes meet, and we both smile at each other…we both know how much love we have, how proud we are of one an other.  To walk in silence, next to each other, till we reach the car.  To watch him assist me putting things inside the car, in silence, just smiles on our faces…there is no better ending to our day.


The love a mother and son share is indescribable.  It’s a love with no boundaries, a simple, yet powerful form of love.  There are no words I can write that can describe what my son means to me.  To observe him, knowing what a gentleman he is, to listen to his concerns, his ideas, his wants and his needs…to see the bigger picture…to  be part of him…to know how much I am loved by my son.  To know how important I am for him, even when he pushed me away…to become the man he wants to be. Even when he raises his voice, when he wants to be alone, even when he makes me cry for silly reasons…I never doubt his love…His love is louder than any words.

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To imagine that someday, some young lady is going to be so lucky to call him hers…makes me smile.  One day he will be able to make a lady the happiest girl in the world.  We raised him right, we raised him with tons of love…one day he will pay all that forward…I only hope that the Lord allows me to enjoy those moments with him, the same way He has allowed me to be his mother…and be an active part of my son’s journey.


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