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I guess this is a little venting session for me…

So, my son plays baseball, as many of you know…and he is a good player, but he is also very, very stubborn and with “typical teenage changes” affecting his persona, but, he plays good baseball!  Well, we decided to look for a new team, a team closer to home.  He tried out for two teams…both very good teams…one was a major team.  Well, my son did good in both tryouts…not perfect by any means, but good.

After the tryout, we received an email inviting my son to be part of one of the teams, the one closer to home. The team gave us a 2-day deadline to accept the invite.  I immediately text the major team’s coach and explained to him that I needed to know if he wanted JJ on his team or not (that was the team my son wanted…just because it’s more competitive), a 1 1/2 day passed, and I heard nothing from that team, so I went ahead and accepted the invite to be part of the other team (and we are happy about it).  Well, the Major team coach called and I couldn’t answer the call, so I asked my husband to call him.  They talked and to make a long story short…the coach mentioned that he had called the last team my son played with, and he was told that my son was not “coachable”, irresponsible and that we left in the middle of the season.  I was in shock to hear that!  Throughout the whole season, my son missed one game, and we explained ahead of time, the reason why. My son is coachable and he is a good athlete.

I felt awkward, because I never thought that his previous coach would talk so bad about my son. So, I decided to email my son’s ex-coach…and he stated that he had not talk to anyone about my son, and that he liked my son very much, he even asked if he could for my son he would.  I knew better, I knew that as the great coach he is, he would not have said anything so derogatory (game wise) about my son.

So, I know who talked shit about my boy, and I am glad that I believe in GOD and HE will take care of this frustration me. Little do the asshole that ran his mouth know, that my son will continue to play ball and that his skills will shut the assholes’ mouth.  

I would never talk bad about a child who is trying his/her best to be good at what they love. Children are children, and we should never put them down…that asshole has something coming his way…time will show him what my son can do on the ballfield…get ready…you only fueled him…all I can say…you better be ready!

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