Hubby is home…

My hubby got home this past Friday, I knew he was coming, but, I did not have any idea at what time.  So, he called me around 4PM and asked what the kids were doing and stuff (I though he had just landed in Charlotte, NC) and I said, “I don’t really know”.  So, I walked to the kids bedroom and like typical teenagers, they were hooked on their electronics.  So, I walked back into the kitchen, and I look out the window.  I see a gray car driving on the road, on the way to our driveway…and all of the sudden I realized it was my hubby!  I ran outside, like a teenager, and slammed against him, and embraced him in a BIG hug.  I missed him!!! The holidays are around the corner, and we still are not 100% sure that the house we have under contract will be ours before Christmas. So, I have a lot of emotions running wild.

Friday night, we also had some of the kids friends coming over for a sleep-over.  So, I asked J if he was OK taking the whole crew to the movies to see Mocking Jay part 1.  Of course he said yes!

Saturday we got up, I made a full breakfast, then we got ready to go. On the way to the theater, J asked the kids if they could go shopping where would they like to be.  Of course my son did not reply (he hates shopping) and the girls replied “Books-A-Million”.  So, first stop was the bookstore. J and the girls got some books.  Then from there, J took JJ to visit the Peanut Man, where he got some boiled peanuts. Then we went to the movie theater.

Cajun Boiled Peanuts

Mocking Jay part 1, was great!  I enjoy every bit of it!  The girls were all excited (they have read the books) and they kept saying, I can’t wait for Part II.  I asked them what was going to happen on part II…and my wonderful daughter replied…”Mama, read the book”….I was like…OK!

The Katniss Reveal: How Lionsgate Hid the Mockingjay

From there, J went to The Academy to get some stuff JJ needs for his baseball team Christmas party. Then dinner…so far we had spent a LOT of money…so, I mean I was thinking some not to expensive dinner. Well, J wanted to check out a new restaurant in the area. J took us to JP 4 Corners Signature Southwest.  It is beautiful, fancy place.  The food was pricey, and excellent in flavor and service.  We had a wonderful dinner, the kids had a blast…lots of giggles and laughter.  It was a great outing.


We got home…and we watch a movie, then the kids decided to try out JJ’s new toy, then it was to an “UNO” tournament.  After playing UNO, my son had the “bright” idea of moving his XBOX into the living room to play video games with the girls!!! Mind you it was past midnight.  They played some…and I was so tired…I just let them be…and J and I, went to our bedroom and watch some shows, till we gave in and fall asleep.

It was a good Saturday…and it all happened because my honey came home. Now, my family is complete.  We will make the best out of this 9 days…he has to return to Mississippi….hoping to close of the house soon…so we can be all reunited.  That is my Christmas wish…a new home, a new beginning in a new place…all together.

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