How my Saturday started…


Good morning beautiful souls happy Saturday be kind to yourself today - funny Saturday quotes:

Woke-up at 9AM, love to sleep in 🙂 , after feeding my gorgeous cat, I decided to make some scrambled eggs and toast for my hubby and I-the kids were still in bed.  While eating my breakfast, I saw the hummingbird, it has not been seen in a while, I was so thrilled.  I also saw all the red cardinals, the blue finch and other birds I have not been able to identify.

After breakfast, I made sure JJ’s baseball uniform is ready for his afternoon games and then I sat down to complete a sponsored tweet.  Activate is a pretty neat tool on Bloglovin…easy way to get pitch based on your audience and your blog style.  Tweeter is one of my favorites, is kind of putting Facebook in the back burner for me.  I must keep Facebook to be engaged with my mother in Puerto Rico. Getting her a Facebook account is as far as we’ll go with her…she is not computer savvy and using her smart phone has proven difficult enough 🙂

The plan today is to enjoy the weather while watching my son play baseball with a rec team. Is not his travel/competitive baseball team. Playing for the rec department is fun for him, and he gets to be the hero.  So, is fun to watch.  Is better than seating at home watching television or playing video games for sure. I already have dinner in the crock pot, so is going to be a relax day.

That is how my Saturday started…will let you know how it ends later on 🙂

Happy Saturday y’all!!!!

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