How far back can you go?

How far can you go? Can you remember those special items, those things that impacted your life when you were a young child, teenager, even a young adult?  Let’s see how far can I go.

As a child my first memory is at a river with my mother, father, aunt, grandparents and my brother Omar.  I remember the current below me pushing me away from the crowd…I remember my Abuelo Cheo running towards me…

As a child I remember my mother fixing my hair like Princess Leia from Star Wars…and I hated it!

As a child I remember watching the Smurfs and the Flintstones. I remember receiving my first set of headphones and my first tape…Madonna.

As a teenager I remember reading comic books, I love Archie.

As a teenager I remember wearing jumpsuits and using a LOT of hairspray..Aqua Net to be more specific!

As a teenager I remember wearing Converse in three different colors.

As a teenager I remember I wore a white, lace glove and the black rubber bands…I was trying to look like Madonna.

As a teenager I was infatuated with Bon Jovi (still am). Wanted Dead or Alive was my anthem!

My first kiss was when I was in 7th grade…and it was a nasty experience!!!

When I was in high school, I remember eating cheese-dogs and icees. I remember wearing orange lipstick. 

When I was in high school I remember smoking my 1st cigarette…just to pretend being “cool”

When I was in high school, I remember skipping classes for no reason, just cause I hated home economics.

Life was so much simpler…no cellphones, no internet, no tech gadgets. We had to used our imagination, we were physically active therefore obesity was not a social issue.  Life was so much simpler yet filled with so much love and family togetherness..

When I think about those days, I so wish my kiddos could have enjoy a portion of how life was lived back then. But, we all know that is not our reality.  I love how I grew up, how little I had and how happy I was.

Here are some of the things I grew up with that, perhaps, my kids don’t even know what they are...

The smell of the ink on your circulation card and 37 other things that will take you back to your 80s  childhood in school:   Classic Black Telephone back in the day the phone had two cords and came in any color as long as it was black:    Madonna- memories... Back in the day... my mother thought she was satanic... lol... :

Kodak Instamatic X-15F - supported a flash bar that contained 8 exposures ... Flash bar was flipped after 4 exposures:   A colorful pager that is clear!! If you had one of these back in the day you were considered "cool"!:   Who remembers the days of saving information on floppy disks.:


Image Search Results for stuff from the 80 s:  Ice trays...your hands would stick to them sometimes. Yikes!!!:

32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now. --------Dust off that box in the attic and pull out the clutter from the back of your closet. You may just be sitting on a goldmine.:

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