How do you help your children reach for the stars?

what if you fly:

How do you help your children reach for the stars? Consider respecting their individualities from the moment they come into this world. Trying to engrave our own, into our children, can do a lot of harm. We can provide the values and our own life experiences to our children, but we have to be able to let them decide which qualities they want to pick up from their parents. They will make many mistakes, just allow them, be sure to be there to pick them up when they fall.

Allow them to hit wall after wall…that is how they will learn to overcome the obstacles that life brings. They have to be able to live their own life, form their own ideas, and own their mistakes. There is not a book that teaches us to be parents, but there are parents that have walk the path before us, it is wise to listen to what they have to say.

Share your young years with your children, let them hear those wild stories. Once they hear what you have lived, they will see that you are not only a parents, but that you are also human and you have made plenty of mistakes along the way. That may bring them even closer to you! 

The way you live your life is the path your children will take in the future.  If you cannot make your children comfortable around you, when they need guidance and assistance they won’t come to you.  Pick and chose your battles, there is no need to live in a war zone, in the place where you and your children should feel most comfortable.  Listen…listen to the unspoken words.


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