Hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel…

Dear Moms of Teens - gather up close and join me. I've got a few things I want you to hear today, since we're all in this together. #mothering #parenting #teens

I remember 10 years ago, when my children were 3 and 4 years old…I struggled to make people understand, that, as a Latina mother…I wanted my children to stay at home while the complete their college education.  At the time, it seemed that every individual I came across, wanted their children gone…out of the house…when they reach their 18th birthday.  

Well 10 year has come and gone…and I am the mother of two teenagers.  A lot has change, and although, I have tried to raise my children the so-called “old school way”…Society has taken control over them.  Now, asking your children to do chores in the house…something as simple as cleaning the litter box and emptying a dishwasher…can be the cause of heated arguments, fights, feelings hurt, and threats…from the teenagers.  

So, What do you do? In order to keep the peace in the household you end up doing it all…and as you do…your heart becomes bitter, you build up anger, you start arguing with your significant other…you dream of running away…and in my case…I start thinking like those individuals, that 10 years ago, told me their children would leave the house when they reach 18.  

Very hard to raise productive citizens when we have a society that condone or excuse every behavior expressed by humans…as a mental health illness, lack of parenting, etc. When I was growing up, and I am 41 years old, children would do what they were told…no questions ask…and if you did not do what you were asked to do…your BUTT would end up with the biggest spanking (being polite, because back in the day…it was not a spanking…it was a beating), or you would not have access to the TV…or plain and simple you were grounded.  Nowadays you do something like that…and its child abuse…SMH!

Society is wrong for making life appear so easy…when in reality…its getting more complicated…there are no more family values…no more respect for the elder…there is just the so-called “freedom”…that continues to put a big dent into the so-called “family”.

Just my thoughts today…venting, I guess. 

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