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I like browsing Pinterest for new ideas and tonight I noticed a few things that would make my home, more my rustic, repurposed style, so I am sharing with y’all!

I have a new home, and one of the things I asked my husband before settling for a house was to downsized our kitchen.  I thought it would be easier to maintain and cutter.  Well, I was wrong!  I noticed that the smaller the kitchen the less space I have for all the things I use, never mind the extra gadgets I like to have. Storing the wine glasses is near impossible.  They do not fit inside the cabinets. The idea below is perfect for me, I may refine it some, but I do love the simplicity of the design.

Reclaimed Wood Industrial Wine 6-Glass Rack:

I like side tables, but I hate paying a lot of money for them.  When I saw this cute drawer tables I was super thrilled.  I actually have a dresser I am getting rid off, and I think I am going to get the drawers out, paint them and add some legs to it and used them in my house, I am giving it a try!


Nice idea, a place where to store the rain boots!

Brilliant boot storage idea!:

A coffee nook, how clever, I do not have a spot  in my current home for it, but I love it!

Wooden Sign - Little Bit of Coffee Whole Lot of Jesus Coffee by DRSignsDesigns:

So cute 🙂

LOVE these mini DIY pallet coasters made out of craft sticks aka popsicle sticks! So creative! Add this to your crafts to do list!:

Clever, for sure!

From "lazy susan" to rotating utensil holder. Clever!:

I am not into make up like most women are, but I do like the idea of adding marbles or decorative stones to a vase to keep my eye liners standing tall.

Use marbles or decorative stones:

Feel free to share your home improvement ideas, I like to keep it simple and cute. 

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