Here Comes the Snow…

Here in Mississippi we are expecting the first snow of the year. Are you excited? NOT! Although snow looks pretty when falling, when it starts melting, it becomes very messy and muddy. I particularly dislike the snow because it affects my skin and because I hate to be stranded inside the house. 

I missed work today because my hubby was getting a medical procedure done, and after I accompany to the surgery center we managed to grabbed $200.00 worth of mostly junk at Walmart. So, we are prepared to keep the teenagers happy while the winter storm passes through our neck of the woods.

JJ came home excited about the possibility of missing school tomorrow, even Janie who loves school showed some excitement.  I am glad they love to be at home, its kind of weird, been that they are teenagers, but if you let them pick between going places and staying home…they will pick home.

For me, work is kind of worrying me right now. After missing a couple of days due to my trip to the island, I missed a couple of hours on Tuesday, when I took the kids to the Urgent Care, and then today, well I missed all day. Missing work today was unexpected, we had been waiting for an appointment for my husband for over a month and yesterday afternoon we received confirmation that my hubby had to be at the surgery place at 9:15AM today. So, I really did not have time to talk to my boss. I was able to text her last night, and briefly explained what the situation was, but I still don’t feel right…I hate missing work.

Tomorrow I will be getting up early to call the weather line to see if I have to drive to work. I hope I don’t have to, because the snow is coming…for sure…and this Latin Mama cannot drive in the snow-covered roads. So, say a little prayer for…let’s pray and hope that work will be closed tomorrow.

Let’s see if I can come up with some new snow pictures this year.

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