Hello Friday!!!!

"Every 5th Day Of The Week, We Will Say This...":

Well, well, well, it’s a rainy Friday in Mississippi/Tennessee area. We welcome the rain, it was heck it driving to work this morning, but we needed some rain. So YAY for rain!

I decided to become a full-time employee because I like to make my own money vs. having my honey pay for all my things. It’s just the way I was raised. Throughout this couple of months, my father’s voice was loud in my head… “you will never depend on a man”…and there I was having my man pay all the bills…big no-no for me. So, first week, super good! Happy, I love my co-workers, they make me laugh and even though we have stressful times we just enjoy each other very much.

The weekend is going to be rainy and cold, so no big plans (well, I hardly ever plan anything). My boy has a lot of school work to do, and I plan on having complete most of it tomorrow. We may get some red box movies and have a lazy weekend. We need a lazy weekend. We do have a meeting with JJ’s baseball coach Sunday afternoon, and the always dreaded trip to the grocery store, but we can handle that.

Life, started a little shaky towards the end of October, but things are falling in place. Love having communication with my PR, SC and NC friends, that always brighten up my life. Still struggling with teenager-hood, but it is what it is. I know that all the parents of teenagers fight the same battles we fight. So, moving forward…as long as we learn to forgive, we should be OK.

I hope y’all weekend is good, rest some, do something silly and something crazy, splurge a little and most important, than God for all your blessings!!!


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