He Did It!!! His and Her Q&A

His & Her Q - There are so many suggested questions, you will have things to ask people about for a long time. Great way to keep the conversation going!

My hubby stayed home today, due to the crappy weather…and I took advantage of him 🙂  He agreed to play along, and answer some questions for my “His and Her Q&A blog post”….Thank you honey!

His and Her questions

What would you be happy doing for hours on end?

Me: Watching TV

Him: Fishing

What did you do on your favorite date with one another?

Me: Go fishing

Him: Go fishing

What is your guilty pleasure?

Me: Shopping

Him: Crown and Coke

When did you first know you were going to marry your spouse?

Me: When I was 9 months pregnant

Him: I knew it all along

Your house is on fire. What five items do you grab before you leave?

Me: Pictures, birth certificates and social security cards, cats, box with my father’s mementos, and shoes

Him: Pinky, Fluffy, LG, Car, Wallet

What quality do you have that you hope your kids inherit?        

Me: Happiness

Him: Intelligence

What is something weird your spouse does while asleep? 

Me: Snores

Him: I don’t know, I am not awake to know about it

What do you admire most about your significant other?

Me: Intelligence

Him: Outgoing nature

Describe your other half in 3 words.

Me: Smart, loving, kind-hearted

Him: Short, Strong, Carefree

What is your biggest flaw?

Me: Stubbornness

Him: Overweight

If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Me: Strawberry

Him: Pomegranate

Would you want to live in the city, country, or beach?

Me: Beach

Him: Beach

What are some traditions that you now share together?

Me: Open one gift on Christmas Eve

Him: Vacation at the week annually

If you weren’t currently married/dating your other half, where do you think you would you be?

Me: In the ARMY somewhere

Him: In South Carolina

You just scored $5. What do you spend it on?

Me: Starbucks Coffee

Him: Nothing

If you could have any single superpower what would it be and why?

Me: I would love to fly, so I could travel the world

Him: Fly, because it beats the hell out of walking

What food do you HATE?

Me: Beans

Him: Cod fish

If you had the money to buy your significant other any one thing right now what would you buy them?

Me: A boat

Him: Whatever she wants.

Note: He got me giggling…if you knew my hubby, you’ll know that he hates social media and he is a very private person. So, kudos to him for being so supportive of his wife’s craziness.

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