challenges - I always keep this in mind.. if everything was easy it wouldn't have the same effect:

Happenings in the Mid-South…well, I wake up every morning to the news of shootings in Memphis, TN.  Yesterday there was a house fire that killed 8-people including 5 children. Sad, sad news…hard to get your day going in a positive way when the first thing you hear, is bad news.  

Moving on…the teens are doing their thing.  One is more “productive” in a positive way than the other, and that it’s OK…aggravating, but OK.  The girl is thriving and working hard towards her short and long-term goals.  The boy, well, he is acting like a boy…between girls and the “hanging out” he has forgotten how to balance the important things. 

Life is complicated but we still know we are blessed and we have FAITH that everything is going to work out. We decided to bite the bullet and spend Christmas in Puerto Rico. My mom is having some health issues and I want to be able to spend some time with her. My youngest brother, who is stationed at Ft. Campbell, will be able to also spend Christmas in the island. So, mom will have a full house.

College is at a stand still, I’ve been having some issues with Strayer and I am waiting to see if those issues can be resolved.  Not a happy experience so far, but then again, nothing worth while comes easy in life. I am not giving up, just waiting to see if the issue is resolved. 

Things are changing and I am having a hard time adjusting or I should say, accepting those changes.  One of the changes that is hitting the hardest, is my son’s issues with baseball.  He has lost his desire to play the game.  I am not quite sure how to feel about it.  It can be a phase, I mean other things are occupying his mind (friends, girls and hanging out). Dad and I talked about it, after all, there is a lot of $$$ involved. We want to allow the boy to make the decision about whether he wants to play or not, then we go back to this phrase “he is so talented, and later in life he will regret quitting”. So, we are giving it more time to see what happens…

That is my currently, my now, and what keeps me up at night.  I still believe I am blessed beyond belief.  The kids are healthy, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  We will continue living this crazy thing we call LIFE to the best of our abilities and hope that we are raising two children that one day will become good and productive members of our Society.


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