Happenings…in my neck of the woods

Happening right now….

I am watching The Originals, I guess you can say that I am obsessed with vampires and werewolves.

I made some seafood gumbo, and it was delicious, however my picky eaters…were not interested, so they decided to eat hot dogs. Who does that?

Signing papers, left and right, and of course the expectation is to sign even more…

We played our last tournament this weekend, and the boy was sad, but he knows that he will find another team in Mississippi, after all he is already schedule to try-out for two teams.

Poor little Janie, overwhelm with homework, sometimes I don’t get why teachers/school district, whomever is responsible, over load the smart kids with homework.  I mean she is a middle school kiddo taking three high school courses, isn’t that enough? As a mom, I try to be positive, but in the secrecy of my room, I feel so bad for my sweet pea.

Cold temperatures are hitting South Carolina. This weekend it was FREEZING!!! Today wasn’t so bad, but the expect temperatures to drop really low before the week is over,

Honey is coming home this weekend!!! I am thrilled about that one 🙂

I am OK staying at home, but I know I wont be able to do this stay-at-home thing permanently.

Well, that is what’s happening right about now in my neck of the woods….anything interesting happening on your end?


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