Halloween…is near…and I have yet to decorate the house.  I am not feeling it this year…there are so many things that did not go as expected this year, that I have no desire to decorate the house…not even looking forward to Christmas. That is so not me, but it’s OK…we are all entitled to have some funky days.

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There are a few activities planned around me for Halloween…starting at work, where the social committee decided to have a door decoration contest, to a Halloween appreciation day where the employees must dress up…and later on at night a Halloween Party for the baseball team players (now, that one I am looking forward too).  I love to give candy away and I also love for the kids to dress up, but my kids are not into costumes anymore.  They are teenagers, not little kids, and although they love to eat candy, they do not care about dressing up.  I am trying to come up with a family dress up idea…I have one that I love, but I am struggling convincing the husband to agree to dress up…still fighting that battle. 

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After Halloween, then is time to plan Thanksgiving, well this year I am on-call during Thanksgiving.  I usually cook a huge meal, even though is just the four of us…this year I may not even cook.  I mean, who in the hell wants to get involve into cooking a large meal, and having the stress that the work phone may ring…heck no, not me. So, we’ll see what happens with that. 

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Well, that is my rant of the day…maybe I’ll surprise everybody by decorating the house this weekend…lol…we’ll see 

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