Gym Week #4

"That feeling when a cheat meal turns in to a cheat week." #Fitness #Humour

Gym Week #4

Not a good week!  Sadly Monday and Tuesday I was sick, you know, super congested and with a fever.  I really did not know whether I had the flu or an annoying cold (the week prior my 12-year old was home with the flu and strep-throat).  Wednesday I did manage to go to the gym, and I worked on cardio and weights.  Thursday, was my son’s eye doctor appointment.  He was to try out his contact lenses for the 1st time.  Well, that took forever, and at the end the contact lenses was a no-go.  After his doctor’s appointment, I took him to get his hair cut…and before you knew it…it was time to pick up the girl from school, check out a dance school, make dinner, then back to her first dance session…and back home to feed her…so “Me” time did not happened until 9PM. 

So, this week at the gym…was a big fiasco…so disappointed…but trying to forgive me and pick it up again.  The working out is something I somewhat enjoy…what I hate is having to fix different meals for the family.  I mean I tried feeding them bake meats instead of the typical fry…and the feedback I get is not good.  I add vegetables and they are OK with that, I just wish that the amounts of junk food purchased were minimized.  Trust me; I am not the one buying all the chips, cookies, sodas, cakes, ice creams, etc.  IT IS SO FRUSTRATING! So, I am really mad at that, honestly I am really pissed off about it!

Well, that is my rant about week number 4 of my gym adventure. I am hoping for a better week next week.  I am still trying for 4 days a week…so I have to make it happen…stay tuned!!!

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