Gym-Week 2

This is week two of my gym commitment, something I am doing for me, myself and I.  Last week, was a good week…I was finding where I was…and I discovered that I still have the metal ability to push myself. 

This week started with the stationary bike (I am learning the machines)…all I want to do is burn calories and break a sweat.  I increased the resistance on the bike, and also set it up on “rolling hills”.  After a 9 mile bike ride I burnt 259 calories…so I am happy about that.  I did break a sweat and I was happy.

After the bike, I figure I could add some free weights and some other machines. So, I ended up working out my legs and my arms.  I spent an hour in the gym.  There were times when I wanted to quit, just because I am still not knowledgeable enough of the equipment that is available and I do not like to bother people asking questions, so I figure things out by watching others and checking out Pinterest, I still manage to push myself, I had a bottle of water and my I phone (blasting some cool music) so I just stayed an hour and made the best out of it,

As I was driving home, I realized that I have to watch what I eat…I think the working out is the little issue here, I need to learn about portion control and about eliminating some stuff (not a lot, just some stuff that does not contribute anything to my health). So, that is the challenge this week.  I need to learn to fix healthy dinners and control the portions I eat.  I do not want to do a diet, I want to make life changes, therefore I will eat the same things the rest of my family eat, just less amounts than what I usually eat.  Hopefully, in three months or so, I can see some changes and stay motivated.

This is just the beginning of this amazing journey, my journey, and I know is going to take time…I just want to celebrate the little victories as I discover them. So stay tuned…

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