Gym-1st Workout

Today was my 1st actual day working out  at the gym.  My plan was to start last Thursday, but as a new house owner, I needed to finish up some deals with the movers, etc.  I always get uncomfortable entering the gym by myself, but, this morning I said to my self…the hell with being nervous…just walk in and take charge.

I have not actually work out in a while, so I decided to build up some stamina before taking the spinning class.  So, today I work on the elliptical machine, and then did some upper body weights.  I must say, that I did break a sweat and I found myself struggling with my breathing, but I did not stop, I kept going and I am super proud of that.

After the gym, I decided to go to a couple of stores. I allowed my body to calm down and cool off by walking inside Target, TJ Maxx, Michael’s and Ross…best of all…I walked out with some treasured and some material to make my own Valentine’s wreath.

Came home, and I knew that I cannot go crazy an eat (like I usually do). I drank some water, then opted for a smart choice frozen dinner. It was only 300 calories and is quite tasty.  The rest of the day, I have to be strong and make smart food choices and drink plenty of water. 

This gym idea was an attempt to help my daughter.  She back down, and decided that she does not want to go to the gym.  However, I hope she can see some changes in my body, soon enough, that she will be motivated to participate. I have also started making some healthy food choices for the family, however, the steps are very small…the junkie eaters that we are, my kiddos expect the same good food they have had all their life…full of flavor…and unhealthy.  Small changes…a change is a change.  Adding a salad with every meal…and switching the Jimmy Dean biscuits for the healthy ones…yes…I did not know that Jimmy Dean’s biscuits could be healthy…well I found some done with turkey sausage and egg whites…that is a start!

The plan is to go to the gym from Monday to Friday and break on the weekends. I will keep you guys updated with this new adventure.

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