Ground Zero-Mississippi

Today I decided to meet my husband for lunch and we chose to go to Ground Zero.  Ground Zero is a blues club in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The club is owned by the major of Carksdale, Bill Luckett, Howard Stovall and Morgan Freeman.  Needless to say that while having our lunch, we did get to see Mr. Luckett…but, we did not see Mr. Freeman.  I have heard about the place, but today, was the first time visiting Ground Zero.

I loved the atmosphere (although it was lunch time), you can tell what goes on in that place.  the walls and tables are covered by names and signatures written mainly in black marker.  I did not have my sharpie with me, but I did have a blue ink pen, and JJ and I left our names in the wall.

Food was not my favorite, in my humble opinion, the food was not good. I ordered the Crossroads Burger and I was not impress. 

One thing that I was impressed with was the stage, I heard my husband talk about people taking the stage and singing some blues.  I can only imagine how people bear their souls singing some awesome blues. I know I will be back, at night, to enjoy some adult beverages and some awesome music.


Clarksdale, MS is a place that has been left to rot…and I am saying exactly hot it is. Sadly, the people of Clarksdale do not have much going for them. Employment is minimum, entertainment for the young is none available, and the crime rate is high.  However, you can see how some locals are trying to repair some old business (full of history) and make new small businesses in the area.  It is a place, that has its charm, but is more like a diamond in the rough…waiting to be discovered by someone willing to give it a major lift.  

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