Graceland, TN

December 2013 Adventure


I decided to share some of our December adventure.  I am a big fan of Elvis Presley, not only was he HOT….he was so talented! I love his music, and his love for Priscilla 🙂


This past December, Jason was in Mississippi for 3 weeks.  We had the opportunity to join him. We landed in Memphis, Tennessee…I mean immediately I asked him to take me to see Graceland  -I spoiled his surprise…he was already taking us to Graceland 🙂

This are three of my favorite rooms in the house, the Jungle Room, Yellow Rood and the first living are you would see once you enter the house. IMG_0552IMG_0532IMG_0511

I have to admit that I was not too impress with the house, but I certainly was with the items inside the house.  It took me back in time.  The home is beautiful and I was able to imagined myself hanging out with Elvis back in the day (LOL)


It’s hard to believe that a human being can “win” so many awards.  As I was completing our tour, I only had one regret…and that was not having my mom and my aunts there with me.  But, needless to say that we probable drive back to Tennessee whenever my mom comes to visit 🙂

I can check “Graceland” from my bucket list….all thanks to my husband.  I have many things listed in my bucket list…and slowly, but surely….my hubby keeps helping me check most of those things.

Nothing like family and adventure to live a life to the fullest….I hope you enjoy the photos.




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