God and His Amazing Grace


It’s amazing how all of a sudden I begin to enjoy the simple things life has to offer. I am officially a stay-at-home mom, and I feel my mind and my body beginning to unwind, to be at ease, able to breathe in taking in all the beauty and perfection around me.

Finally, Saturday morning I decided to put the bird feeders out. Within seconds, there were birds chirping around. They are always so perfect and beautiful! I sat at my dinning table, look through the blinds, and I was there longer than I expected. All of the sudden I remember I get to stay home, and I can watch the birds for as long as I want…that made me smile.

Sunday morning, hubby woke up and we fixed breakfast, and as we sat at the table to enjoy a cup of coffee the glorious humming birds came to visit, so close, so perfect…hubby and I sat there for more than an hour. He brought me our fancy camera and we began taking pictures, and right at that moment I silently thanked God for giving the opportunity to stay at home while my husband continues to provide for the home. I thanked God for allowing the time to sit next to him and enjoy HIS perfection…seeing those beautiful birds, all created by our GOD, so perfect, so simple and so amazing.

After bird watching, I decided to go run some errands with my mom. First stop, Walmart, a sea of color…and all of the sudden I am filling my buggy with flowers and plants. I smiled BIG…I was happy…I was ready to work on my Veggie garden, I was ready to plant some flowers…I was ready to relax and enjoy the things I have not been able to enjoy in a long time.

Quitting my job was not an easy decision. I do not like to dump all the burdens on my husband. But, the minute I realized that staying at home is definitely a job, I was OK with the decision. I don’t get a pay check, but I do get a happier family. I get to spend more quality time with the teens, I get to clean my house and keep it that way (which make me so happy!). I get to take the time to plan healthier meals for the entire family. In staying home I get drive the kids to their respective extra curricular activities. I mean laundry will always be washed and put away, dishes will be clean and my sink will be empty, trash will be out, bathrooms clean…I mean the benefits are endless. Best of all I trust GOD that things will be OK. I trust God that my husband would be able to continue to provide for us, I trust GOD than another job will become available if I need to return to work.

I am so thankful, for HIS AMAZING GRACE in allowing me to be there for my family…in changing my mind, in helping me understand than I am better for my family by staying home. I have accepted that sometimes the plans we have are not what’s best for us…I surrender and I am happy and blessed.


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