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Follow my experience starting the Weight Watchers Personal Coaching program and see how I'm using Weight Watchers to discover a healthier me this year!

Well, I just received my first Beachology box.  I just ordered my Shakeology today, and in five days, I am starting this new journey.  A little pricey, but, that is one of the reasons I wanted a job (lol).

Committed to Get Fit: My Favorite Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

Today I received my 21 Day Fix meals idea plan (I am so excited).

::: 21 Day Fix Meal Ideas ::: #21DayFix #Meals #Health --- great meal & snack ideas that are 21 Day Fix approved (with container breakdown!)

My plan (well if you can call it that!) is to replace my dinner with a shake. Light breakfast and lunch, and the ideal situation for me, would be to do the workouts first think in the morning, but my teens refuse to ride the school bus in the mornings, therefore, I have to drop them off at school in the morning. So, workouts will take place in the evening. 

I have seen so many woman, having success with this program, that I decided to try it out. Again, my main motivation is my daughter, she is all crazy about sweets, and I need her to regain control of her eating habits.  She is not one that enjoys working out, but every now and then I can get her to do a little something.  I think that if I lead by example, anything can happen 🙂

I am just in the prep stage. Gathering what I need, looking up and saving some healthy, easy recipes, and workouts.  As soon as I get my Shakeology I will post about my beginning.  It’s not about getting “skinny” is about getting to a healthier weight.  

Stay tuned…

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