Getting Ready For Summer Madness With 2-Teenagers!!!



Well, here it comes, summer with my teens.  This is their last week of school, and I will have two high school students next school year.  One of the reasons I quit my job, other than not been happy, was to spend more time with my teenagers.  Soon, they will be on their own and I know I am going to have some regrets about the quality and quantity of time I have spent with them.

Let’s face it, being a working mother can be very stressful, not only you have to work a full-time job, then come home and work another full-time job and in between juggle the kids extra curricular activities, leaving zero to very little time for you and your spouse and to have fun time with your children.

December 2014 we moved from SC to MS…and in doing so the stress levels in the household were at a max, it was very difficult to adjust to a new environment.  We did it!  We were also a little smart, we tackled all my debts (with the exception of my vehicle) and that placed me in a comfortable place, where I could be a stay-at-home mom for a little while.

The plan is to spend as much quality time I can spend with my children.  Ever since they became teenagers, its been very difficult to managed them. It has been very difficult to step to the side and allow them to explore their individualities, how much they can push, what can they get away with…all those crazy things that comes with growing up.  They pushed me to the side, I went from been the hero to been a nuisance in their lives.  I struggled big!  I even sought help with a counselor (probably the best thing I’ve done so far). I was told to let them hit the walls, to let them explore, learn and be free.  So I did!

It’s been better, for them I am sure, I still struggle…but now I have an understanding and I have accepted that I cannot live their lives for them.  In letting go, and stepping to the side, I can see what and who they have become. There will always be struggles and that is OK.

This summer I plan on taking day trips with them.  I mentioned it to them this morning, and at first there was some hesitation on their part, but then they say…that’ll be cool!  My whole world lit up!!!! Finally, something going my way.  I have to be smart about it, I cannot overwhelm them.  The idea so far is to take a trip once a week.  There is so much history in this state it would be a shame not to visit all those plantation houses, historic sites and the gulf. So, stay tuned as I plan on blogging about our adventure in MS.

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