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It’s been a quiet winter; it was cold and rainy but little to no snow in the Mid-South.  These past few weeks, the weather has been perfect, beautiful sunshine, temperatures on the low 70’s…perfect.  So my husband and I found ourselves thinking about ways to get our children outside.  We, as most American families, provided all the latest tech gadgets to our children.  Needless to say it is something we regret dearly.  Our children became dormant!  All they want to do is stay in their rooms, on their smart phones, or playing video games, or simply surfing the net.

We always look for affordable ways to get our children outside, to spend quality time as a family.  Disk Gulf sounded interesting enough, so we purchase some Disks.  We first invited our son, he is 13-years old, and he does play baseball, but not during the winter.  He was in agreement to give it a try, but he was a bit upset about not playing his XBOX Live.  We drove to Latimer Lake Park in Horn Lake, Mississippi.   We found a 20-hole Disk Gulf course.  We started playing and we fell in love with it!  My son was hooked!  


Now the trick was to get our 14-year old daughter involved.  The girl does not do any outdoor activity.  She loves to read, or her phone, or her I pad, or her laptop, or plain and simple a good TV show or a good book.  We knew she was going to be a challenge. All week we talked about what a beautiful day was when we were outside playing Disk Gulf, how we had so much fun, how we saw and talk to all kinds of people, and how we could not wait to do it again.  She listened, but she did not show any interest.

Friday night arrived and my husband decided to go out to buy some snacks and he invited our daughter.  When they came back, she announced that her father got her a set of disks to play Disk Gulf.  We were all in shock, and happy as we could be.  Saturday morning we got up and drove to the park.  The day was beautiful; we could hear the children playing in the playground, we saw other people gathering to play Disk Gulf, my girl was nervous, but, as soon as she threw the first disk…her giggles came out.  Needless to say we had a perfect Saturday!


While at the park we could not help but to notice how well-kept the areas were.  Everything was clean, the playgrounds were huge and with plenty of space for the children to run around.  I love the fact that you get to meet people while you watch the children play and interact with other children. The playground area was big with fairly new equipment, from swings, to a climbing wall, it was amazing!


I am pretty sure that in most neighborhoods in the United States there are plenty of safe, open spaces for our children to play.  There is no need to spend a lot of money to get our children to play outside.  It could be something as simple as catching bugs, or picking out flowers, or simply go for a walk.  The idea is to take that first step, to find a way to encourage your children to step outside. 

Children are followers, if they see their parents enjoy outdoor activities they will join, and soon they will place all those tech gadgets to rest.  They will become healthy, not only physically but also emotionally which will help them become better individuals.  Children that learn to interact socially will have more chances to succeed when they become adults. Enjoy the open spaces, just take one step outside, and enjoy what your city has to offer.


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