Fun Friday

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Fun Friday…today was a fun day at work. My co-worker and I were transporting some children. Going from point A to point B we got to do some sight- seeing.  It was a beautiful day, it started a bit chilly but towards the end, it warmed up.

We visited Greenwood Lake and Dreher Island Park.  Both places are beautiful, the only thing I was missing was a fishing rod.  I can honestly say, that I cannot wait to take my husband and my kids fishing at Dreher Island Park.  I would say is about an hour drive from home.  The place is big enough were, if we decide to go camping, we won’t feel like we are on top of other campers.

That is in the list for this summer.  JJ was talking about going fishing the other day…and I found the right place to take the boy 🙂

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I decided to share some of the pictures I took today, and yes, I was working.  Is not often that I get to say that I had fun at work.  But today, I did have fun.  Exploring is always something I enjoy doing and when it is spontaneous…It’s even better 🙂

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