From zero to a thousand…then back to zero!

sometimes I glad there is no translation for the bubble over my head when I feel like this!:

Sometimes things happen around us that really make us pull our hair out.  This morning was a perfect example of how I went from zero to a thousand and back to zero again.

My hubby left home at around 6:15 AM, which means that I still had 15 minutes to sleep. He kissed me very softly, like he does every morning, and he left…and I went back to sleep. Two seconds later I feel a body climbing into my bed, scared the shit out of me, it was dark in my room. Then I see my daughter…I asked is she was OK, and her sweet reply was…is 6:20…and I was like, well, I want to get up at 6:30. My girl was…OK I’ll stay here with you!

In my mind, I was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS” (lol). I just wanted my empty bed just for 10 minutes!!! Well, I send her to get her own breakfast ready since she was already awake. So, she left the bedroom, and I close my eyes again…and the alarm went off.

So, I got up, already wanting to scream at the world…but, I kept my composure. I did all my hygiene, woke my son up, and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast for the boy. Well, I knew my daughter used he waffle machine, because the excitement was to heat the glazed donuts in the waffle maker. No waffle maker…and I felt my blood pressure rising…

I opened the cabinet and I see the waffle maker…I grabbed it and noticed that the dang thing was hot and it was oozing some stuff. So immediately I know that my girl made her breakfast, did not clean the waffle maker, and was not paying attention to the fact that she placed the thing, hot and dirty, inside the cabinet. I counted to a hundred and took multiple, deep breaths…

After I cleaned the cabinet, which required me to stand in a dang stool, I was able to make my son’s breakfast. Then princess shows back up in the kitchen…I shoved some extra cereal in my mouth…because I knew that if I said something to her, at that time, it would’ve been a big argument. I succeeded! After I finished chewing my cereal, I was calm enough to mention the incident to her…and all of the sudden she realized that it was a “blonde moment” on her part (please don’t be offended by the blond moment comment…it’s an internal joke between her and I). She smiled and replied…Got you mama!

Needless to say, that although I went from zero to a thousand and back to zero again, it was a stupid little thing that would’ve cause a big fight between my daughter and I. I have learned to manage my temper, and I definitely  pick and choose my battles with her. It turned out to be a good morning and when I dropped them off at the curb, I received an “I love you” back and a smile. So…success!

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