Influenster | Product Reviews, Exclusive Offers: Check out this incredible site, where free samples and products are offered in exchange for truthful reviews and social media exposure! I just received my first Moda VoxBox, and I'm loving it!!:

Hello! I’ve been invited to the #FriendFlurry15 which means that I have a chance to win some epic holiday prizes if I refer a friend. Click on the link below and help me out 🙂 Contest ends January 11, 2016.


Influenster is a community of social media people who reviews a variety of products, provide and honest opinion and share their reviews and opinions on social media. Influenster allows you to test products for free based on your social media influence. 

I have received many products for review, from snacks, food, make-up, lotion, nail polish, lots of coupons to places like Outback Steakhouse, Walgreens and best of all I have tons of fun while doing it! Give it  try! It’s free and the more you review the more you receive, you have to be totally honest about your opinion on the product you are reviewing.

Here are some examples of the Influenster Vox Boxes I have received:

Creatively Yours: Fresh & Fierce with Carefree Liners My First Influenster VoxBox#BellaVoxBox:  My Fresca Vox Box!:  REESE’S Spreads Influenster Voxbox & Review! #ReesesSpreads #Contest:

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