Friday…Sick day…Blah

When I'm sick, I pin. And that is why the number of pins  on my pinterest has gone  up significantly this week.:

Today I stayed home from work, I have not been feeling good, and last night was rough. I got up this morning and getting our of the bed took loner than usual, I felt chills throughout my body, my head felt like it weigh a hundred pounds, the pressure in my forehead and cheeks was aggravating and I couldn’t breath properly. I figured I had a fever and I called in. 

Managed to take the kids to the curb, then drove back home, loaded on sudaphed and motrin and jumped back in bed. I woke-up at noon, to eat something and repeat the same meds. I hate not feeling 100%! The one thing that scares me is that I don’t know if it was my normal time to catch a cold or if it has anything to do with the fact that I am taking Humira.

One of the side effects of the Humira is that it makes you more suceptible to get sick when others are sick due to the block to the immune system. So, pretty much my immune system is weakened to stop the quick growth of skin cells, and in doing so…it makes me more susceptible to catch an infection. Sucks that as soon as my son knew I wasn’t feeling well…he mentioned that it was due to “that medicine you are taking mama.” Hard to explain to a care-free child why mama chose to take the Humira, I know one day he will understand.

Once I finished with this round of snot and chills…I need to make myself walk on the treadmill, so I can start building my stamina up. The Humira has been working OK…but it also has side effects that affect your day-to-day life…I am more tired than normal…and I know it’s something I have to tame…I have to be able to function normal in able to continue carrying for my two teenagers.

I have to say, again, I am such a blessed wife…as always, my hubby continues to cheer me up and care about me. He motivates me (although sometimes the motivation comes a little rough, lol) and for that I am thankful. 

That is my report from my sick-bed this afternoon….thank God the weather is going to be better this weekend….sick and cold is not a good combo for me.

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