Friday, Saturday and then Sunday…

Well, this weekend we decided to get up earlier than usual, to check-out the local Farmers Market.  It was a very hot and humid morning, so we walked the block and check out all the vendors and ended up buying some veggies, well, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers to be exact. I also found some home-strawberry jam and some pottery.

After the farmer’s market…we drove to Clarksdale, MS…just because it is my husband’s drive to work, and because he knows I love agriculture and he wanted to show me the crops.  It was a nice ride and I got to see the rice and cotton fields.  We had brunch and then we checked out some local stores.

I went to Mag-Pie, a cute store, where I found some cool home decor…a bit pricey but nice. I ended up getting this mulberry and mandarin candle that smell AMAZING…and best of all…MADE IN THE U.S.A!!! How cool is that? 

Below you can see some pictures of Mag-Pie in Clarksdale, MS.

Across from Mag-Pie, we found Cat Head…

Cat Head, is a uniquely weird store, it has a lot of albums and blue’s memorabilia…and some amazing posters and photography…and some folk art as well…check out some of the photos.

                  And that was the weekend…in the blink of an eye…GONE

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