Friday Love is…

Oh man, my husband sure loves me 🙂

And he lets me know in TONS of ways…from saying I love you every day, all day long…from thanking me every time I do something for him, like dinner, wash his clothes, care for his babies, etc.  He loves to get me new shoes and clothes, even though I don’t need any.  He shows me love when he put my needs before his, and when he always consider my opinion when making decisions. He shows me he loves me when he hold me in his arms, when he comforts me when I am sad, when he worries when I am worried, when he misses me when he or I are apart.

Today, he stayed home…and I went to work (my silly part-time job) and when I came home…guess what…the lawn was mowed, and the house was clean, and right now he is making me an amazing steak dinner.  So, there goes another demonstration of love.  Love is when you are comfortable with each other, when the trust is there, when you care about your partner and when you appreciate the little and big things they do for you.  He takes care of me when I am sick, sad or just a plain biatch…he is amazing!!!

My life is far from perfect, but one thing I can always say is that my husband sure loves me and he lets me know every day…not only with his words…but with his actions. I am one lucky lady…


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