Friday Goals

Long range classroom goals can be difficult to make. This is an example of a S.M.A.R.T goal setting chart. This can be used for more than creating behavioral or instructional goals for a classroom, but also for creating individual goals. Especially on IEP documents.:

Thank God it’s Friday!!! Woot Woot!!!

Seriously, I am looking forward a weekend of not getting up early, simple dinners, and tons of relaxation. Lazy weekends are the best!!!

So, today’s goals are:

Most definitely I have to make it to the tanning bed. Yes, I MUST go tanning to control the psoriasis flares from covering my gorgeous, chubby and curvy body.

Make a quick trip to the grocery store. I am in the mood for some Asopao con Pollo (Chicken and rice stew) with some fried plantains or a potato soup with some crunchy bacon on top.

I must continue to fill bags to help veterans. Yes, there is an organization that send you an envelope with a bag in the mail. The idea is for people to fill the bad with things that are usable that they do not use at home anymore. So, yesterday I went into a rampage and cleared some kitchen items, shoes and even some books. I still think I can gather more things…super happy someone thought about helping veterans, there are so many simple yet rewarding ways to help our veterans!!!

So, keeping it simple…just three things…let’s hope I can make my Friday goals.

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