Food Finds in Memphis, TN

Yesterday… I woke up with a craving…I wanted some comfort food. Been that I am from Puerto Rico, I was craving some “verduras con bacalao” which is nothing other than cod-fish cooked in olive oil with onions and some boiled root vegetables and fruit.  My husband, who is a native from North Carolina, call it “Pirate Food”.

Well, I decided to drive to Memphis, TN to seek for some groceries at the Farmers Market (which is nothing but an Asian/Latino market).  I found so many goodies…I called my husband to share the news with him. He was thrilled that I was out of the house, yet he was worried about the smell of cooking the cod-fish inside the house. He hates fish, specially smelly fish 🙂

I was so surprised to actually find all the components of the dish I was craving.  I rushed home and started cooking right away. When I sat down to eat I could not help but to think about Mama Yaya, my maternal grandmother (featured in the picture below with my daughter).  She will always have “guineos, name, calabaza, yuca, yautia, pana y bacalao”  to make the dish…and it was always good.

The market is a neat and unique place, where you can find a large variety of produce you normally do not find at the local grocery store. I do not know why the call it the “Farmers Market” but they do, and it is located on Winchester Road in Memphis, TN.  The also have a large variety of seafood (I am not a fan of the seafood section) and a large selection of Asian noodles and things in general.

As a Puerto Rican, when I go to a Latin store all I can find are products from Mexico and Central America. So, to be able to find some Puerto Rican goodies was a plus.  Another thing I often crave is Malta India, yes, it has to be India. Malta is a malt beverage, and the India brand is made in the island. It is a non-alcoholic beverage. Again, my husband describes it as beer by-product. It is sweet and tasty and hard to find.

I had a rough weekend, so treating myself to some good, comfort food, was a necessary thing. After having a feast, I felt so much better 🙂

That, my friends, is my little share of my adventure finding some yummy food in Memphis, TN.


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